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Quinn McGrath Limited

Strategically deploying capital investment across the Nigerian economy.

Quinn McGrath Limited (“QML” or “QM”) A Nigerian company creating, building and investing in sustainable businesses in Nigeria . The company was established in 2009 with a mission to provide quality services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. Over the years, the company has diversified into an investment holding company with a portfolio of investment with holdings in several wholly and partially owned ventures across economic sector lines but with a strong strategic intent. The Group company’s activities cover Industrial Manufacturing, Engineering Services, Defense, Petroleum Trading, Marine & Environmental Services, Agriculture & Agro Allied Services, Real Estate, Manpower Supply and Consultancy.

Notable are its foremost subsidiaries; Nigeria Machine Tools, (“NMTL”) an indigenous premier engineering, industrial manufacturing company and Nigeria Machine Tools Protective Solutions (“NMTPSL”) which specializes in the production of personal protective equipment for defensive purposes.

Quinn McGrath has a consolidated asset base of about $52 Million with an annual turnover in excess of $30 Million and a staff strength of 270 employees across Nigeria.

Quinn McGrath Marine & Environmental Services Limited (QMMESL)

Quinn McGrath Marine & Environmental Services Limited (“QMMESL”), an indigenous formidable maritime investment subsidiary of the Quinn McGrath(QM) group of companies.

Expert marine environmental advice and support is critical to the development of any offshore project and dedicated research

is required to perform assessments of potential environmental impacts on marine habitats.

With active cooperation between our specialists, we integrate our services and enable organization to realize cost savings throughout project. The company work closely with other stakeholders to ensure that the project lifecycle is a positive experience for every party involved.

QMMESL aim for excellence and continually seek to improve service; through innovation, by integrating new technological advances and challenging processes and ideas. With dedicated specialists and ongoing research programmes, the company manage challenging projects and provide expert advice.

The company is led by highly experienced management team supported by professional consultants, partners and affiliates with in-depth knowledge of diverse market sectors, including oil and gas, aggregates, ports and pipelines, housing, the public sector and water industries. QMMESL provide marine environmental services that include, Marine environmental consultancy topics such as Environmental policy and legislation Characterization and feasibility studies, desktop studies, site selection and appraisal Management plans (construction, environmental, spill mitigation), Licensing etc.